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Transportation conditions of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals varies according to the type of load. The first type of cargo is pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals is a comprehensive category shows a broad variety with physical-chemical properties and herbal and synthetic compounds. Many pharmaceuticals are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations and illumination level and also fragile loads.

Liquid pharmaceuticals are stored in fragile glass containers. In order to prevent degradation of such products, liquid pharmaceuticals are fixed on the vehicle and packaging material are placed into the spaces to provide protection against mechanical damage.

It consists of medical materials, a wide variety of instruments used for medical purposes, medical devices and reagents. It should not be allowed the quality of such products to deteriorate during delivery and their operational characteristics should be protected and maintained. Medical supplies are also subject to mandatory labels such as pharmaceuticals that helps them to be delivered and stored in appropriate conditions.

Third type of cargo is medical devices. These high-tech devices are in the category of expensive and sensitive products that almost largely determines the conditions and the transportation. Since medical devices have non-standard configuration and size, they can also be classified as large sized load.

Chalang closely follows changes in national legislation and international freight transportation. Based on the features of each product, performs the transportation of pharmaceuticals and medical products safely and quickly.

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