The concept of “valuable cargo” is a concept with a broad span. The amount of invoice declared for a valuable cargo may vary from a few hundred euros to several million euros (delivery and shipment of equipment, large amounts of technical equipment, electronic products, pharmaceutical products, etc.). If a valuable load is carried from one country to another country, customs code and customs fee are also taken into consideration in addition to the amount of invoice when the load cross borders.

Whatever the conditions, consigners want their valuable good to be reached the delivery address on exact time, completely with the lowest risk of loss or being stolen. Chalang Logistics offer valuable load transportation service for its customers to Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Asian countries. Through this way, all the security and safety measures are ensured during transportation, transfer and storage processes.

Chalang performs the transport of valuable cargo by complying with the exact period of time and deadline wherever the point of destination.